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    Grooming: Give your dog a bath at home

    Articledog health and wellbeingThursday 15 November 2012

    Bathing your dog never seems to bring a happy thought to you and most dogs, however sometimes it is necessary. Dogs roll in animal faeces and mud all the time as a way of leaving their scent; it is an instinctual action so in this instance you will need to wash them. Washing your dog does not have to be an every day thing, but rather a couple of times a month, depending on the length of the dogs fur. 




    What you will need:

    Hose or other water source

    Possible Bucket

    Dog Shampoo

    Lead [optional]



    It is best to wash your dog outside as it can get messy. This process varies from big to small dogs, but both options will be provided.

    1. Firstly, depending on how your dog copes with the bathing process, you may need to tie him up: simply by hooking the lead over the tap of the hose or something similar. If this is not necessary, remove the collar so you are able to wash that individual and can get around the neck of the body.

    2. Next, if you have a smaller dog, you can fill up a warm bucket of water for your dog to stand in. The bucket must be of a diameter so they can stand up and, therefore, the sides will be quite low.

    If you are dealing with a bigger dog, then the best water source to use is the hose. You can also use buckets of water to pour over them if this is not an option. Either way, make sure the water is not hot! The ideal temperature is warm so it is comfortable for you both.

    3. When introducing your dog to the water, do it gently and slowly; use your hand to push the water down the body. This will make your dog feel safer. Do not put water over your dogs head as it can get into their ears and irritate them.

    4. Once your dog is wet, use a dog shampoo over the whole body. Make sure to work it into the fur well to get all of the dirt out, especially if your dog is long haired or has wiry fur. Get the neck, back, tummy, and legs but make sure you are gentle so not to hurt your dog.

    5. When this is done, you may want to get some clean water to thoroughly wash out the shampoo and if necessary, repeat the shampooing process.

    Make sure all of the product is washed out because if not it may irritate your dog’s skin.

    6. Lastly, let your dog shake the water out of his fur before using another source to dry them. You can use a towel to rub them dry afterwards or they may prefer run around and their hair will air dry. Ensure you provide a warm place for your dog to dry off especially in the winter as they will get cold very quickly. 


    Photo by devra


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