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    How to deal with fleas during the summer?

    Articledog health and wellbeingMonday 18 July 2011

    Ctenocephalides canis, or in other words the common dog flea can also feed on humans, cats and other animals. Fleas have existed since prehistoric times and have been found in artic as well as tropical climates all over the world. The fleas can jump 150 times the length of their miniscule bodies and that is what makes them difficult to catch and kill.

    If your dog has fleas you should bare in mind you not only will have to treat your puppy but also all its environment: fleas must be controlled on your dog and in your pet’s environment. If you also have another pet, it’s very likely that it has been attacked by fleas as well. Remember that flease are resilient, they have several stages of life cycle and are very difficult to kill. 

    That is why the prevention and total elimination about the flea life-cycle is the best solution. The flea’s ability to reproduce is a great problem for all pet owners as a female flea might lay over a thousand eggs in a lifetime. That means that each flea you see on your dog, there probably are thousands of other fleas but at different stages of their life: eggs, larvae, pupae etc. And it doesn’t mean you should search for them on your dog: your carpet, furniture and other pets might have been attacked!

    You can easily detect fleas as they are a dark copper colour, pin-sized and move along your dog’s skin surface. The fleas dislike light so in order to check weather your dog has fleas is to turn your dog over and search for them in furry areas or on the back just in front of the tail. Remember to look well at the level of the skin and make sure to part all the hair.

    You can also look for so called, flea dirt, that looks like tiny pieces of pepper. It might be found on your dog’s skin surface. Pick some of it off the pet and place them on a wet paper towel. If after few minutes they spread out, you can be sure your dog has fleas. The flea dirt is simply flea faeces.

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