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    How to entertain your dog on a rainy afternoon?

    Articledog health and wellbeingThursday 14 July 2011

    Rainy afternoon are tipical during spring and autumn, however in the summer they happen quite often as well. It’s quite difficult to provide your dog a lot of fun on one day and then stay at home without moving a single finger on another day. It might get your dog go crazy a bit! However, with a little bit of creativity, you can provide your dog some fun activities and provide your puppy with the exercise it needs each day.

    Chasing games like fetching do not have to take place only while you outside. For sure you can find some form of a long hallway or staircase where you can throw a ball for your dog and have your puppy run a little and have fun. Also the tugging games are a very good way for dogs to get rid of excess stress and energy. Remember to choose a tug toy long enough to avoid injuries! It would be worth to teach your dog to react on ‘drop it’ commend in order to control the game.  

    If not only your dog but also other family members need some entertainment on a rainy afternoon, you can play in hide-and-seek. Have your puppy stay in one place, hide and get your dog find you. Similar game might be by hiding a toy or treat. If you choose to be a dog treat remember to place very small pieces so your dog do not eat too much! 

    However, we encourage you to put on the rain coat – for you and for your dog – and try to have some fun outside anyway! It might be a great fun! 

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