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    How to get rid of dog fleas?

    Articledog health and wellbeingMonday 18 July 2011

    Although the best way to avoid dog fleas is to take preventive methods, you can choose among various products to get rid of the intruders. However, you should bare in mind that the duration of the effects of the treatment might differ in time.

    You can choose between various flea shampoos, sprays, and powders. Although the majority of these products can kill all the fleas present on your dog at the time of application, it might have no sense because there can already be some flea eggs and within 24 hours another fleas can arise. However, if you decide to try shampoo, begin on the dog’s head and face, wash ears carefully and do not miss any probable flea shelter. As flea shampoos kill adult fleas, they might be used daily. Flea sprays that contain insect growth regulators help to deal with the overall problem as it help to break the flea life cycle. Due to this fact, the flea sprays application might not be recommended to use daily – always consult a the label or a vet. Flea powders are easy to use as they can be applied by simply sprinkling them on your dog's coat.

    After the dog has been treated with a flea shampoo, you can try to apply the flea rinses or dips. Their effect can take to 4-5days. Flea rinses and dips require a whole dog to be dipped. Always make sure to follow the label instructions on whatever product you buy, and pay close attention to age restrictions.

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