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    How to keep your dog cool this summer

    Articledog health and wellbeingWednesday 12 June 2013
    Summers can be notorious for dogs. Some breeds such as the Siberian husky resent the season and can suffer more than other breeds. Every year you usually hear news of dogs being left in cars and dying due to being locked in without air or water so you want to try and do as much as possible to help protect your dog from being in trouble this summer especially if there is a heat wave.
    There is even scientific evidence that once a dogs temperature is raised too high (around 41.1 degrees Celsius then a chemical reaction occurs that breaks down your pet’s body and can often result in death. Remember, dogs are not like humans in dehydrating. Where we sweat from the whole of our bodies, dogs pant just from the mouth and can struggle to lose heat as easily.
    • Cars, dogs and summer do not mix well at all. This is the most important part. Try to refrain from taking a dog in the car over the summer at all and if you need to then never leave them along in the car under any circumstances. Remember that the weather can change in minutes. It could be raining and then all of a sudden it is bright and sunny. Cars are similar to ovens and the sun can heat it to extreme temperatures. Even opening the windows may not be enough. Always provide water. It is probably best to keep a dog’s bowl permanently in the car. With some temperatures and conditions, the situation can become fatal in just minutes.
    • Certain breeds fair better than others in the summer. Siberian huskies still have their roots in Siberia so are adverse to the warm conditions. Also extra attention needs to be placed on bulldogs & pugs due to problems that they have with breathing due to their short muzzles.
    • If you feel that your dog has become dangerously too hot then it may be a good idea to seek professional medical help to try and ascertain the problem. A vet will hope diagnose the problem and say if it is related to the heat.
    • Taking your dog on holiday is now easier than ever due to the deregulation of the rules. You will need to bear in mind though that in countries like Portugal, Spain and Italy, temperatures are on average much higher in these countries that in the UK. Even indoors, your dog who is accessorized to the UK climate will feel the difference. You want to, as always, make sure fresh water is available and that you give them extra care and attention in checking that they are ok.
    • When out with your dog, make sure you carry water with you. As suggested earlier, it can be useful to keep a spare bowl in the car. Pet companies have even started operating plastic/fold up bowls that you can carry around and you can fill them up with water wherever you are. Ait may be worthwhile to invest in one of these. If you are at a restaurant, pub, café or even shop then politely ask the staff if they can provide water to your dog.
    • If your dog is outdoors then make sure there is somewhere available with share. They can then make a decision of whether or not they want to be in the sun. A source of water should also be provided in this case.
    From the team at Dogs and Puppies, we hope you are your dog have a cool summer. 
    Photo: Geograph
    Source: Wikihow
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