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    How to prepare your dog for summer?

    Articledog health and wellbeingThursday 16 June 2011

    Dog owners should be conscious that during the summer and especially when the temperatures rise, the proper protection of their pets is necessary.

    There are several things you should do to avoid health problems with your dog when the summer hot weather is here. Never leave your puppies in parked cars; not only it’s punishable by a fine, but more important it’s extremely dangerous for your dog as it might die of heat stroke. In case of high temperatures you should keep your dog inside and make sure that your pet has plenty of water to drink. However, if it is impossible to keep your dog inside, don’t forget to use sunscreen on its ears, nose in order to prevent sunburn. To read more about sunburns click here. Dog owners are also advised not to take their pets to crowded events as they might get overwhelmed by noise and high temperatures.

    However, you should also remember that proper care is necessary: grooming will make it easier for your dog to feel more fresh. In general you shouldn’t cut fur shorter than an inch (depending of course on the breed). Also the food will help your dog keep their body temperature lower as it’s not necessary to it that much during the summer.

    Whenever you notice any warning signs, such as heavy panting, glazed eyes, unsteadiness, vomiting, purple tongue, try to cool your dog and contact your vet as soon as possible.

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