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    How to prepare your pets for the summer months?

    Articledog health and wellbeingMonday 03 August 2015

    Need some tips on how to prepare your pets for the summer months?

    Watch our video with Steve Backshall and vet Paul Manketelow to get clued up.

    Just what do we need to know to make sure our pets are happy and healthy in the summer months? All too often it’s obvious things that get forgotten, from hydration to parasite protection to heat stroke. 

    Hydration is absolutely key in the warmer months and it’s advisable to make sure that you not only keep their usual bowl topped up, but also consider having other water bowls accessible to encourage your animals to keep hydrated.

    Try to walk when it’s cooler so before 11am, or after 3pm. Make sure you pick up a travelling water bottle, so you can give them a quick drink to stop your dog from overheating. Most important, make sure you check the ground isn’t too hot for your pet’s paws. Parasites thrive in warm conditions therefore it’s important to keep your pets protected from parasites all year round and particularly in the summer months. Your pet can be subjected to parasites more frequently in the warmer conditions, and they can easily be picked up in whilst enjoying a walk in the countryside or visiting your local park.

    Watch our video for hints and tips on how to keep your pet happy and healthy this summer.

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