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    How to Take Care of a French Bulldog

    Articledog health and wellbeingTuesday 27 November 2012

    French Bulldog's are very affectionate and playful dogs. They come from a mix of English Bulldogs and French Terriers. As they are affectionate they need attention and care throughout the day.

    Here is a list of things you will need to know and advice on how to take care of your French Bulldog.

    1. Firstly, ensure you take your dog to the vet for check ups or if you think there is something wrong, starting when it is a puppy. This will not only help it get used to the vet, but will also keep you up to date with vaccinations and other health care.

    2. Try to get it's teeth cleaned regularly because French Bulldog's are at a risk of getting Anesthesia from problems with their respiratory system.

    3. Make sure to feed your dog good quality which is high in protein. Ensure not to overfeed so it becomes overweight because 'Frenchies' can suffer from breathing trouble and possibly a swollen abdomen. A balanced diet is essential.

    4. Daily exercise is required to keep a French Bulldog healthy and will all prevent it from becoming overweight. A walk a day is recommended but as French Bulldogs are quite small suffient exercise can be obtained in doors through playing with them.

    5. It is good to brush your frenchie regularly although it is not essential as they are short haired dogs. This will encourage growth of new hair and help reduce the amount of hair that you may find around your house from your dog.

    6. It is good for hygine and scent to clean in the wrinkles of a French Bulldog's mouth to rid of food, water and drool. This will keep it clean and make it more comfortable for the dog. You can do this using a cloth or a sponge combined with warm water.

    7. In terms of bathing French Bulldogs, this does not need to be done regularly. Due to their short hair, dirt is less likely to get trapped and it is easier for them to stay cleaner. Wash them well every few months using warm water and soap.


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    Photo by ndecam


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