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    Keeping Your Dog Safe on Bonfire Nights

    Articledog health and wellbeingFriday 02 November 2012

    Bonfire night is here again and as you know, you can expect many nights the same throughout the month of November. Here are some tips so you are prepare when these nights role around to keep your dog calm.

    It is very easy for dogs to get distressed on bonfire nights with the loud bangs of fire works and with so many people around. Try and keep your dog indoors when there are fireworks going off and keep him near you as this will be comforting. Dogs can become very afraid so be careful. Judging by their temperament, they may bite so be aware of this even if it is a little unusual.

    Try to overshadow the loud noises with your TV or stereo and continue on as normal so your dog does not feel uneasy and out of control. Stay calm around your dog to show them that everything is fine because your emotions will project onto your companion so this is important.

    Many dogs act differently – some will go and hide by themselves and others will seek the presence of people in the house for comfort, so from your dogs normal behaviour you can gage what will be best.

    Stay safe and have fun.


    Photo by 'Bayasaa'


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