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    Pros and Cons of Pedigrees

    Articledog health and wellbeingFriday 23 November 2012

    Pedigree dogs, also know as purebred dogs, are always the more desired breed over mongrels. Maybe it’s the name or maybe it’s the status behind them. A pedigree dog is a dog that belongs to a known strain which is established by the breeding of other dogs with unmixed breeds, over many generations. Due to this reason they can present more problems than mongrels due to interbreeding. However purebreds are not necessarily ‘bad’ as they are portrayed in the famous BBC program

    ‘Pedigree Dogs Exposed’.


    Pedigree Pros

    You can find out about what their appearance will be like more easily and what their temperament will be like as you have past records from the dogs that they have been bred with and the dogs that they were bred from. Through researching ‘Pedigree Labradors’ for example, you will be able to see their main qualities. Pedigrees are more expensive as they are typically well-bred and raised in good health, making it more likely for the animal to be healthy.


    Pedigree Cons

    Of course they are much more expensive usually due to the top quality breed. However they can be known to be prone to hereditary health problems due to interbreeding and therefore may have higher care needs and cost more money. Some pedigree breeds are hard to obtain as ‘rare’ and therefore are hard to keep pure.


    Pedigree dogs have their pros and cons like any dogs however when looking into getting a pedigree dog, ensure you enquire about past health as this is where the problems can occur.


    Photo by andicati


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