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    Puppies - Children and Dogs

    Articledog health and wellbeingWednesday 18 May 2011

    Puppies can be a fantastic addition to the family, they can be playmates for your children as well as helping to teach them discipline and responsibility. This article will give you some information and tips on how to make children and dogs get along together. 

    How to Get Puppies and Children to Like Each Other 

    • Children need to be taught from the start that puppies are not toys and should be treated with respect.
    • Spend time with your children and explain to them how they can help the new puppy to settle in.
    • Teach young children how to stroke puppies. Explain that puppies like to be stroked and not patted.
    • Explain how the puppy might react or show signs that he is unhappy if you do something he doesn’t like.

    Expanding House Rules for Children and Dogs  

    • Make it clear that your children need to wash their hands after touching the dog and before eating.
    • Explain to your child that it is not appropriate for them and the puppy to share plates of food.
    • Explain that puppies do not like being touched when they are sleeping.
    • Children and dogs need to be kept apart while the dog is eating.
    • Puppies and children should play gently together without encouraging the dog to jump up.
    • Do not tease or share toys with puppies. Explain to your child that if the puppy takes one of their toys to tell an adult.
    • Children should not chase the dog.
    • Do not allow children to pick up puppies in case they squeeze the puppy too tightly.
    • No hitting, kicking, screaming or smacking the dog.

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