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    Puppies - Dealing with Diarrhoea

    Articledog health and wellbeingWednesday 18 May 2011

    Buying puppies for sale is an exciting time for anyone. However, when you buy puppies, there are a number of things that should be thought of beforehand in order to keep the dog safe and happy. Puppy health is vital, especially when they are young, and there are particular courses of action to take when your dog is suffering from an illness. Dog diarrhoea can be quite common and could be down to a range of reasons. If you have dogs with diarrhoea, see the following guide to taking steps towards sorting it out. 

    Dogs with Diarrhoea – What to Do

    Dog diarrhoea could be a symptom of many different problems, however it is most commonly caused by sudden changes in the dog’s diet, or if the dog has eaten something he should not have. 

    If you suspect dog diarrhoea, do not give the dog any food for 24 hours, or 12 hours for puppies. Make sure there is plenty of free access to water for the puppies. 

    After this, only give puppies food that is bland and easy to digest. This can include a small amount of boiled white rice with some white fish or boiled chicken. 

    Once you start to see an improvement in the bowel movements of the puppy, begin to gradually reintroduce their normal food. 

    Dog Diarrhoea Problems

    You will need to contact your vet if: 

    • The dogs with diarrhoea show no signs of improving after 48 hours of treatment. 
    • You see blood. 
    • The dog is vomiting, exceptionally tired, in pain or has a temperature. 
    • You think the dog has eaten something that is dangerous.
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