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    Puppies – Dog First Aid Kit Essentials

    Articledog health and wellbeingWednesday 18 May 2011

    When you buy puppies for sale it is important that you know how to look after them. Having a dog first aid kit is essential if you are going to buy a puppy. Puppies like to explore and can get themselves into all sorts of mischief, if you have a canine first aid kit you will always be prepared for the worst.

    This article will give you some information on what you should include in a dog first aid kit. You should carry a small basic version with you when you are out on walks with your puppy. Other places you need a canine first aid kit are in your car and home. 

    Dog First Aid Kit – What to Include and How to Use  

    • Latex Gloves – It is important that you put on some gloves before you deal with cuts and wounds to protect your dog and yourself from infection. 
    • Cotton Wool – Never use cotton wool dry, you should soak it in water, saline or antiseptic solution to clean out wounds. 
    • Sterile Saline Sachets – Used for cleaning wounds. 
    • Alcohol Free Wound Cleaning Wipes – These are excellent for small cuts and grazes. You can also clean your own hands with these. 
    • Padded Bandage – Used to hold dressings in place. Padded bandage will absorb any blood and pad out the wound for comfort. 
    • Sterile Non-Adherent Wound Dressing – Used to cover open wounds, this dressing also stops bandaging from sticking to the wound. 
    • Conforming Bandage – This is a mesh like fabric which keeps bandages in place. These bandages can be used to stop heavy bleeding by applying pressure on top of a padded bandage. 
    • Adhesive Tape – Keeps bandages in place. 
    • Cohesive Bandage – This bandage does what it says on the tin and is used as a top layer to keep all bandages in place.  
    • Tweezers – Tweezers are very useful for pulling out thorns, insect stings, splinters and grass seeds. 
    • Tick Remover.   
    • Scissors.  
    • Space Blanket – Used to keep an injured dog warm. 

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