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    Puppies – Dog Heatstroke Cures

    Articledog health and wellbeingSaturday 18 May 2013

    Those dogs which are particularly vulnerable and prone towards heatstroke are short nosed breeds, very young puppies, extremely old dogs and overweight dogs. Puppies can suffer badly from dog heatstroke if they are left out in the sun. 

    When you acquire a new puppy or adult dog, if possible, try to make sure that the parents have not had episodes of heatstroke or suffer from heart or respiratory disorders. If your puppy ends up suffering from any of these issues then it will be more prone to dog heat stroke. 

    If you think that your dog is likely to experience dog heatstroke then you should walk him early in the day when it is still cool, and late in the evening when the sun is going down.

    And remember, you should never leave dogs in a car during the hot months of the year. 


    Signs of Dog Heat Stroke  

    • Restlessness, barking and whining.

    • Excessive panting.

    • Breathing becoming laboured.

    • Excessive drooling.

    • Struggling to breathe.

    • Dark red gums and glassy eyes.

    • Seizures. 

    Emergency Action Against Dog Heatstroke  

    • Move the heat stroke dogs to a shady area.

    • Use cool but not icy cold water from a hose, bath, shower or bucket of water.

    • Concentrate on cooling down the puppies highs, armpits and base of the brain.

    • If you decide to immerse your dog’s body in cool water then you should hold his head above the surface.

    • Cool your dog down for ten minutes and then take your dog to the vet even if you think the dog has fully recovered. 


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