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    Tess Daly tells of the devastation of losing her precious dog Sam

    Articledog health and wellbeingTuesday 05 July 2016

    Watch our video where the TV presenter talks about the helplessness of seeing her much loved golden retriever succumb to suspected lungworm and gives advice to other dog owners on the infection’s warning signs

    Lungworm, the ‘hidden killer’ parasite found in slugs and snails which can cause serious health problems in dogs and be fatal if not diagnosed and treated, could be an even greater threat this summer after another wet start to the season.

    Evidence from the Royal Veterinary College also confirms the lungworm parasite has spread across the UK, from its traditional habitat in the south of England and Wales, now being widespread in Central England and also reaching northern regions and Scotland.

    TV presenter Tess Daly knows just how devastating parasitic infections can be, having lost her beloved golden retriever Sam to suspected lungworm.

    To help keep other pets safe from deadly diseases, she is supporting the Be Lungworm Aware campaign, which helps pet owners not only spot the symptoms of this disease but also gives advice on how to prevent their dogs contracting it.

    There is a lungworm map available online that shows the prevalence of the disease across the UK. Vets continue to report cases of lungworm in their practices which are added to map, helping all of us to see where dogs could be at risk. There are currently over 3,000 reported cases of lungworm.

    Watch our video where she tells the heart breaking story of Sam’s battle and gives advice to pet owners on how to protect their pets by asking their vet for parasite prevention plans.




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