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    Boxer Puppies For Sale: How To Train Your Boxer Puppy

    Articledog training guidesThursday 07 April 2011

    Boxer puppies for sale can and will turn into fantastic family pets but you need to train your boxer puppy from an early age to prevent their energy and fun loving nature becoming too much to handle. All puppy training needs to be carried out from an early age but this is even truer of boxer puppies. To find out about proper boxer puppy training, read on.


    Training Boxer Puppies


    • Like all puppy training, you need to start training boxer puppies as soon as you bring them home. Clearly defined boundaries are essential to good behaviour. You need to have established basic commands by roughly 13-16 weeks.


    • When training a boxer puppy, commands such as sit, come, stay and heel are the first that should be taught as well as stopping the boxer pupy from jumping on people. Clicker training is regarded as one of the best methods for training boxer puppies, when the boxer puppy carries out your command, use the clicker and give him a small treat.


    • Teaching your boxer puppy not to pull on the lead is essential as boxer puppies will grow to be big and strong. Teaching boxer puppies to stay is also important. Place a treat on the floor and firmly tell the boxer puppy to stay. Reward the boxer puppy if he waits to grab the treat. Repeat this process, moving further away, and waiting for longer each time.


    • Puppy training should be kept to short sessions to prevent the dog getting bored but this is even truer of a boxer puppy that will have limitless energy. Going for a walk is a good break.


    • When training boxer puppies, especially males, you need to establish dominance to prevent stubbornness, disobedience or even aggression. You need to socialise boxer puppies with people and other dogs from an early age. Any signs of dominance/aggression should be corrected immediately.


    • Boxer puppies are hugely active and will be all their lives so you must make sure that you provide them with plenty of exercise. Mental and physical stimulation is essential to prevent destructive behaviours.


    You can search for a wide range of boxer puppies for sale here on Dogs & Puppies and you will end up with an excellent family pet that is good with children and other dogs.

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