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    Bulldog Puppies - Teaching 'Stay'

    Articledog training guidesFriday 20 September 2013

    Dog training tips like this one are designed to keep a dog safe and under control.

    When you are looking for bulldog puppies, you are going to have to include the “stay” command in your dog training sessions.

    It is important for your dog to be able to listen to this command as it could save him from running out into the road or into other harmful situations.

    Aside from this, when you get a dog the “stay” command is a vital way of stopping your bulldog from misbehaving.


    • First, ask the dog to stay whilst motioning down with your hands. Count to 5 and then praise and reward the puppy. Keep repeating this process and over time, gradually start to increase the time you ask the dog to wait for. Do this until the dog stays for 30 seconds without fuss.
    • For the next “stay” dog training tips, you should ask the dog to stay as normal. However, this time when he stays, step to the side away from him, and then step back into position. Repeat this, and add a bit of time to how long you stay stepped to the side.
    • Once you reach the stage where the puppy knows you want him to stay, use your hand signal and add a verbal command of “stay”.
    • In each dog training session, increase the distance you step away from the dog, as well as the time.
    • Mix it up a bit too, by stepping backwards and forwards. Keep going with this technique until you can walk around and even out of sight knowing that the dog will remain in place. These dog training tips could take a fair bit of time, but this is to be expected when buying bulldog puppies for sale. Patience is the key.


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