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    Calming an Overactive Dog

    Articledog training guidesWednesday 18 May 2011

    A lot of times, overactive dog behaviour is just a symptom of the dog’s breed or age. Young dogs are naturally more energetic than older dogs and some breeds naturally have more energy than others. There are some things that humans can do however to rectify some dog problems. Hyperactive dog behaviour can often be a sign of boredom as well, you can give your dog help by keeping him entertained and stimulated. This guide outlines some dog training methods you can use to help modify dog behaviour.

    Dog Training for Overactive Dogs

    •    By far the simplest and most effective way to give an overactive dog help to calm down is to take him out for a walk and properly exercise him. Undesirable dog behaviour can nearly always be attributed to boredom so a walk at least twice a day will help to rectify these dog problems and strengthen the bond between dog and owner.

    •    If for any reason you cannot take the dog for a walk one day, you can help calm the dog behaviour by playing fetch or catch in your back garden. A good half an hour of dog training will help to exercise the dog and calm him down.

    •    A good option to help dog behaviour is to get another dog to provide companionship while you are away at work. This obviously is a decision that should not be taken lightly but those who have the space and money could find it an excellent solution to various different dog problems.

    •    Carrying out dog training using a clicker is a good way to change dog behaviour for the better. The clicker is used every time the dog does something correct and is usually followed by a treat and/or praise. This sort of dog training has proved very effective at curing dog problems as it gives the dog something to focus on other than being destructive or hyperactive.

    •    You can use the above method of dog training to make the dog calm down by rewarding him every time he exhibits good dog behaviour such as lying down quietly in a certain spot. After a while, you will be able to use the command when you want him to calm down and sit in a certain spot.

    •    Another excellent way of modifying dog behaviour is to give him a job to do as all dogs like to feel useful. This could include finding the newspaper, slippers or even the car keys.

    •    To carry out this method of dog training, show the dog what you want him to fetch and when he shows interest, use the clicker and give a treat. When the dog goes to pick the item up in his mouth, do the same. Make sure that you attribute a command to the action such as keys or newspaper. Put the item you want near the dog and get him to fetch it (treating him when he does).

    •    Having your dog neutered or spayed is a good way of altering dog behaviour as it often calms the dog down. If the dog problems continue, contact a vet to advise you in getting dog help.

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