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    Cockapoo Puppies - Teaching 'Give'

    Articledog training guidesThursday 16 January 2014

    When you acquire a Cockapoo or any other breed of puppies it is important to teach them certain tricks and actions.

    This type of dog training is useful for a good number of different situations and could save you and your dog some future problems.

    After you get your puppy, one of the first things you need to teach him is how to give you something that he has in his mouth, as this object could be dangerous or valuable.

    See the following dog training tips for a guide on how to do this.

    • Offer your puppy a toy that can be tugged on and play around with him.
    • You then want to try and get the toy back from the puppy’s mouth. Stop playing with the toy, and instead slowly draw it towards you so that the game is no longer exciting for the dog.
    • Have a treat ready and offer this from your other hand. For the dog to get his treat he must give up the toy first.
    • Repeat this process a few times and then change your tactics slightly. Bring your other hand up as normal, but this time, do not offer a treat. Instead, position your hand under the puppy’s chin as if a treat was on the way.
    • The dog will hopefully drop the ball in anticipation of his treat. From now onwards, your hand under the chin should be enough to make the puppy release the object from his mouth. You should begin to use a verbal command at this point too, such as “Give”.
    • If these dog training tips have not worked and the dog refuses to give you the object, put him on a leash so that he cannot physically run away from you. Make sure to use irresistible treats in your dog training sessions so that the dog simply cannot refuse the offer!


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