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    Dog Tricks - 3 Tricks to Teach | Dogs and Puppies

    Articledog training guidesWednesday 18 May 2011
    Dog tricks are easy enough to teach and are also lots of fun. Dog training helps you bond with your dog and allows you to play while learning; what could possibly be better? There are a few favourite dog tricks to teach that are nice and simple. This article will explain how to teach your dog three new tricks.


    This trick is easy, all you need is your dog’s favourite treat. Take the snack and lead your dog into a corner of a room in case the trick goes wrong and he slips over. Show the dog the treat and then raise it above his head. The dog should try to retrieve the treat by lifting up and standing on its hind legs. When your dog stands on two legs perfectly then give him the treat. If you repeat this a few times your dog will get the hang of it quite quickly and you can impress your friends with this new trick you have learned.


    Teaching your dog to shake hands is a brilliant trick. For this trick you only need you and your dog. Simply hold your hand out towards him and see if he raises his paw. If your dog doesn’t raise his paw straight away then give it a little nudge. You can even lift the paw up slightly so he can see what you want him to achieve. Keep trying and be patient and your dog should lift his paw into your hand so you can shake it. When your dog does a successful handshake make sure you reward him with playtime and a treat.

    Head Nod

    Teaching your dog to nod his head will look so cute and it is one of the easiest dog tricks to teach. It enables you to communicate yes and no with your pet which is so much fun. Take an object that can make your dog shake its head, making sure that this object will not harm the dog. For example you could tickle or blow on his ear gently. Once your dog shakes its head then say ‘head’ if your dog doesn’t shake its head for any reason make sure you do not say ‘no’. If you say no you will only confuse your dog as it will think it is doing something bad.

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