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    House Training a Puppy

    Articledog training guidesWednesday 18 May 2011

    House training a puppy is one of the first parts of dog training. They have to be taught that it s not acceptable to relieve themselves inside (unless in a litter tray), and to wait until they can get outside. As with all dog training, training a puppy not to relieve itself inside is better done using rewards rather than punishment. This guide outlines how to house break a puppy.



    How To House Train a Puppy

    • The first step when you house train a puppy is to recognise it’s behaviour before it is going to go so you can step in and take the dog outside. The best way to do this is to watch him while you are outside together and recognise his behaviour.

    • To avoid having your carpet stained, try and stay outside as much as possible during the warm weather. This has the added bonus of making going to the toilet outside a habit thus easing the process of house training a puppy. Take the dog outside 15 minutes or so after every meal and wait there until it has relieved itself.

    • Dogs naturally live in dens so they don’t like to soil the same place that they sleep. This can be used when you house train a puppy, at night time, keep your puppy in a crate so that it won’t want to relieve itself there. The animal will become restless when it needs the toilet so take it out when you recognise this.

    • You can add a litter tray in the house at night to save you having to get up and take him out. If you place some of the dog’s waste in the tray it will encourage it to use it.

    • Every morning, carry the puppy outside so that it won’t relieve itself while on the way outside. When you house break a puppy, stick to a routine. Eventually the dog will recognise this and the whole process will be easier.

    • House training a puppy is much easier if you use a reward based system. Every time the puppy successfully goes to the toilet outside, heap lots of praise on it and give it a treat. This is a much more effective way to house train puppy than on system that uses punishment. This will only make the dog nervous of going to the toilet around you full stop, inside and outside.

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