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    House Training Your Dog Easily

    Articledog training guidesWednesday 18 May 2011
    House training a dog is one of the first things you do when the new animal comes into your house. It can be very frustrating and some dogs pick it up quicker than others. For obvious reasons, you want the dog training to progress as fast as possible but it is important that the dog isn’t rushed or punished too hard when it makes mistakes. This article will outline how to complete dog house training as quickly and as easily as possible.

    House Training a Dog

    • Patience is one of the biggest things to remember and to exercise when house training a dog. A dog has to be taught the rules so expect a few accidents along the way.

    • Take a dog outside to go to the toilet as often as possible, especially after meals and wait outside until they are done. When you take them out, use a certain word or phrase that they will associate with going outside. “Out” is an obvious one to use that the dog can easily understand. With continued dog training, they will soon start to get the idea.

    • When house training a dog, wait outside with the dog until they have relieved themselves and reward them when they do. Make a big fuss to let them know they are doing the correct thing. Dog training that uses positive reinforcement is much better and effective than a system that punishes the dog every time he makes a mistake. Dogs naturally like to please their leader so rewards are much more favourable.

    • Many people will tell you that if you are house training a dog and he does relieve himself inside, rub his nose in it. This should definitely not be done, not only is it cruel on the dog, it will lead to him associate the toilet with a bad experience. This is highly counter productive when dog house training and will make him nervous to go to the toilet around you at all.

    • Try to avoid punishing the dog in any way for an accident inside the house. Instead just take him outside and use the phrase or command that you have decided to use in point 2. Catching the dog in the act is even better as it directly shows them that they can’t relieve themselves inside the house.

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