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    How to House Train a Puppy Quickly | Dogs and Puppies

    Articledog training guidesThursday 07 April 2011

    House training puppies requires patience and consistency. When you want to house train a puppy there are several methods you will have to use. These can also be used on an older dog if need be, or just to potty train a puppy. For tips on house training puppies, see below.

      Training a Puppy

    • Firstly when you house train a puppy, it is important to understand that a puppy will do his business anywhere at first and this is not his fault. You cannot get angry as he will not know any better.

    • To start to potty train a puppy, after each meal your puppy has, take him outside. Make sure you stay with the puppy and watch him. Wait until he has relieved himself. Do not get impatient and only bring the puppy back in when you can see that he has done his business.

    • Keep this routine going all day, everyday. If he makes an accident inside, take him straight outside. He will start to realise that urinating and defecating is an outside activity, and not one for in the home. When your puppy has figured this out he will start to let you know when he needs to go.
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