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    How to Housebreak a Puppy | Dogs and Puppies

    Articledog training guidesThursday 07 April 2011

    House breaking a puppy is probably your number one priority when training. You do not want little accidents to be happening around your home for long so housebreak your puppy quickly. Potty training puppies is not easy but and takes a bit of patience, this article should help you to succeed in housebreaking a puppy easily without too much stress and worry over the condition of your carpets.

    Housebreak a Puppy – Instructions

    • Set up success – if you leave your puppy to wander about your home alone then the little thing is bound to have an accident. You should watch your puppy for signs of sniffing or desire to go to the toilet so you can take him outside quickly. If you cannot watch your puppy all of the time then you will need to crate him.


    • Create a schedule – if you give your puppy a routine, just like a child you are more likely to potty train your puppy. Most puppies that are under 6 months old may need to go outside to urinate as much as once an hour. This can be easy to forget sometimes so set yourself a timer so you can remember to take your puppy outside.


    • Playtime – give your puppy some time to play after he has urinated successfully outside. You can afford to leave him for 15 minutes afterwards before having to watch him again.


    • Be sensible – your puppy is much more likely to want to relieve himself after eating, drinking or playing energetically.


    • Issue a command –choose a word to use that your dog can associate with relieving himself. As soon as your puppy begins to defecate or urinate outside then say this command word.


    • Rewards – you should reward your puppy for all positive toileting actions. Pet your puppy and let him play before returning him to his crate.


    • Odour elimination – if your puppy has an accident then you will want to remove the odour from your floor. It is important you get rid of the smells, if you don’t your puppy will associate the inside with going to the toilet. To get rid of the smell use an enzymatic odour remover.


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