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    How to Make a Dog Stop Biting

    Articledog training guidesThursday 07 April 2011


    Biting dogs are not cute however young, small and fluffy they might be. If you do not control dog biting as a puppy then you will have serious difficulties when the dog gets older. If you want to stop dog biting but do not know where to begin then this article will help you with some simple tips on how to control biting dogs. 

    Stopping Dog Biting 

    It is important that you understand why your puppy might be biting. Dog biting problems usually stem from leaving their mother too soon. The mother dog and other members of the litter will teach each other when biting gets too aggressive. If the puppy bites the mother then she will leave the area making him question his actions. If the puppy bites another puppy then the yelp will startle him and the harder bite back will stop the behaviour all together.  

    A good way to stop dog biting is to buy chew toys and toys that are mentally challenging. This way the toy will be more interesting than biting your toes or chair legs. If you buy a dog toy with a treat inside then the smell will keep your puppy interested for hours. Once your dog realises that it gets ignored and gets no treats out of you when he bites he will quickly learn to leave biting for his toys.

    If or when your puppy bites you it is important that you handle it like the mother dog would. You must let biting dogs know that it hurts you so let out a loud yelp and leave the room. If you find the puppy leaves with you snapping at your heels then yelp again and put him in a crate. If your dog begins to whine leave the room until the dog is quiet. 

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