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    How to potty train a Lhasa Apso?

    Articledog training guidesSunday 29 September 2013

    Potty training your dog does not have to be difficult. Getting a new puppy is always exciting and although dog potty training does not necessarily equal fun, it is good to do so in order to prevent an inappropriate behaviour in the future. 

    Potty training your puppy should start when it enters its new home. It requires a lot of patience and persistency from your side. Each time your puppy acts well, you should remember to give him a prize. A treat will make him conscious about what is good and what behaviour is not welcome. Lhasa Apso puppies might get quite stubborn sometimes so you should keep that in mind. Small dogs especially can take a little bit more time to catch on to potty training.

    Pick a potty place for your Lhasa Apso by choosing a spot in your yard. This way you give your dog a signal that it is time to potty when you take him to this area. While your dog is in the spot, he is not allowed to play there as it will distract his attention.

    You might also take your puppy out often. Usually, small puppies can "hold it" for the same number of hours as they are months old. For example, an eight-week old puppy (two months) needs to be taken outside every two hours to go to the bathroom. If you are unable to let your puppy out at these intervals you should try to get a dog walker or simply ask a neighbor or relative to stop by and let the puppy out. If the puppy does not relieve himself, bring him back inside and take him out again in 15 minutes.

    Whenever your puppy acts well, remember to praise it. Dogs inherently want to please their owners and this way they will know whether they have done things well or not. Associating good things like treats and praise with proper bathroom habits will encourage your dog to continue the behavior. 


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