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    How to potty train a puppy?

    Articledog training guidesThursday 08 September 2011

    This is probably one of the things that seems impossible to deal with for all the dog owners if their puppy spend the majority of its time indoors. However, potty training your dog not have to be difficult. Getting a new puppy it’s always exciting and although dog potty training it’s not necessarily much fun, it is good to do it as soon as possible in order not to get frustrated in the future.

    Potty training your puppy should start right away it enters its new home. However, it requires a lot of patience and persistency from your side. It is not in the dogs habits to know how to use the bathroom so there will probably have to happen many incidents before. Taking your dog out no less than once every two hours might be helpful until your puppy’s ‘schedule’ will start to define. Definitely you should take your dog out as soon as it wakes up or as soon as you get back home from a longer absence. Another key time is after your dog has eaten. Give your puppy some time so the food settle in their stomach and then take it outside.

    Each time your puppy acts well, you should remember to give it a prize, a treat will make it conscious about what is good and what behaviour is not welcome. What is more, dogs love to please their owners so if they see you are happy with it, they will try to repeat it.

    Leaving your puppy when you are gone for a longer period of time might be a good idea to crate train your dog. They will not use the bathroom in their own space such as a crate and it can help making indoor training a little easier. Be sure to put a blanket in the crate as well as their favourite toy or a bone to chew on in order not to get bored. As soon as you take your dog out of the crate, you should take it outside right away.

    Potty training your dog might be quite stressful and it definitely needs time to get the effects.

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