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    How To Stop a Dog Digging

    Articledog training guidesThursday 07 April 2011

    Dog digging is a normal part of dog behaviour for several breeds of dog, but for others it can be a sign of separation anxiety or simply an attempt to escape. With correct dog training, it is possible to stop a dog digging. Read on to find out how to stop a dog digging.

    Good Dog Training

    •    One of the key aspects to remember when carrying out dog training is not to punish the dog behaviour as this will only stop the dog digging in your presence, not completely. Dog training is always more successful when based on rewards.

    •    A dog digging could well be a sign of excess energy and an attempt by the dog to get rid of it. Taking the dog for a walk is an excellent way to get rid of energy and possibly stop this dog behaviour.

    •    If there are any particular places you don’t want the dog digging such as lawns or flowerbeds then you could fence them off or possibly even invest in an electric collar that gives a small shock when the dog approaches an area they are not supposed to.

    •    Keeping your dog in a special dog run will help to stop the dog digging in parts of the garden that you don’t want. The run should always have shade and water. Dog digging sometimes is the result of a search for a cool place to lie down.

    •    An important part of dog training is to make sure you catch the dog in the act. This way you can make the dog associate the behaviour with the action. Provide plenty of rewards every time the dog digging stops on your command.

    •    If you have lawn sprinklers and you know that your dog doesn’t like water, turn them on every time that dog digging looks likely to happen. If you don’t have sprinklers, you could always use a hose as an effective dog training tool.

    •    Keeping a dog active and stimulated will help to prevent the dog digging out of boredom. Providing the dog’s own place to dig is a good way of modifying the dog’s behaviour. You could hide treats under the soil or sand to help progress the dog training and make sure that you reward the dog every time he digs in the special area.

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