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    How to Stop a Maltese from Barking

    Articledog training guidesSunday 01 June 2014

    Dogs naturally bark but sadly this excuse is not enough for an angry neighbour who is trying to get to sleep.

    You will not stop your dog barking altogether and it is unfair to think that your dog should become mute.

    The key in dog training is not to stop a dog barking but to reduce the amount he barks and turn down the volume.

    This article should help you to keep your neighbours happy by reducing barks.


    Dog Training – Stop a Dog Barking


    • Discover why your dog barks. There must be a reason for his behaviour and finding the route cause of the barking will greatly increase your chances of success.
    • Make sure during dog training you have your dog’s favourite treat handy so you can reward good behaviour.
    • If your dog starts to bark you can praise him by saying ‘good job’. Follow this up straight away with ‘what’s the matter?’
    • The next step is to tell your dog to ‘be quiet’.
    • Now you can wave the treat in front of your dog’s nose, the dog should instantly quieten down because he is concentrating on the treat.
    • This quiet time is very important and you should praise your dog greatly and tell him he is good for being quiet.
    • After 3 seconds of the dog being quiet you should give him the treat. In dog training it is very important to reward your dog for positive behaviour.
    • If your dog begins to bark again then you should repeat holding a treat above his head. When your dog’s barking stops then wait for 5 seconds of quiet time before praising your dog and giving him the treat.
    • If you find your dog is still barking when holding the treat in front of him then say in a strong loud voice ‘be quiet’.
    • After the dog stops barking you should reward him immediately in this circumstance.
    • Increase the amount of seconds of quiet time by a few seconds each time before giving your dog the treat.
    • You can extend seconds to minutes and so on, this will decrease dog barking a lot; remember there is always room for improvement.


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