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    How to Stop Excessive Dog Barking

    Articledog training guidesThursday 07 April 2011

    A loud dog can be a nuisance at home, and most neighbours do not appreciate their noise. It is unrealistic to think that it is possible to stop barking dogs altogether, but it is reasonable to expect less barking. By learning how to stop a dog barking, you can live in peace, and prevent any trouble from your neighbours. See the following guide to stop excessive dog barking.

    How to Stop a Dog Barking

    •    The first step when you want to stop barking dogs is to figure out the reasons why you have such a loud dog. By determining the cause of excessive dog barking, you can target the specific problem and hopefully reduce his volume.

    •    To stop barking dogs, make sure you have a treat ready for the next bout of noise. When the excessive dog barking begins, praise the dog, give him a treat and then ask “What’s the matter?”

    •    Then tell the dog to be quiet and wave around the treat in front of his face. This should stop barking dogs as they concentrate on the treat instead.

    •    Continue to praise the dog for his quiet behaviour, and only give the treat after about 3 seconds of silence.

    •    After this, if the dog begins to bark again, wave another treat around. This time, only give the treat after about 5 seconds of silence. The dog will start to learn that by not being a loud dog, he will be rewarded with his favourite treats.  

    •    If and when the dog behaves badly again, tell him off with a loud voice whilst waving the treat just out of reach. Once he has stopped, give the treat.

    •    Increase the length of quiet time before giving the loud dog a treat. You now know how to stop a dog barking, and should have a much more peaceful home.

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