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    How to Stop Your Dog Urinating Indoors | Dogs and Puppies

    Articledog training guidesThursday 07 April 2011

    When dog training, one of the most essential things you will teach is to stop a dog from urinating all over the place. Instinctively a dog will choose a place to use as a toilet and he will not know that inside is not acceptable. Training a dog to prevent this is the responsibility of the owner. For tips on dog toilet training, see below.

    Dog Toilet Training – Checks

    Using a black light you can detect where urine spots are in your house. It is best to get these cleaned right away. You could have your dog seen by the vet in case there is a medical reason behind the dog’s erratic urination. If it is a recent habit, there could be an infection behind the problem which can be treated.

    Each time a dog does his business in the right area you should reward him. Use a dog training clicker with treats. Training a dog in this way will require you to be with the dog when he goes to the toilet.

    Dog Toilet Training

    Go to the place where the dog is urinating inappropriately and change the way it is. You could lay some plastic sheeting down to make it uncomfortable for the dog. Also, putting treats and toys in the area will show the dog that this area is not for going to the toilet, but is actually for playing. Dogs normally do not eat and eliminate in the same place, so this dog training technique should work nicely. If the inappropriate area is outside you could get rid of any taller plants that attract a dog to use as territory. Place toys and treats there too.

    Dog Toilet Training – Routine

    Carry on training a dog to wee outside in the correct area by taking him there every time he needs to go. It is important that you accompany him there to ensure he does what he is supposed to do. For a few weeks you should continue training a dog like this and praise good behaviour until he is capable of going it alone.

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