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    How to take care of a Labrador?

    Articledog training guidesMonday 12 August 2013

    Labradors are kind and outgoing dogs that get along well with other dogs and animals. Although this breed might result quite stubborn and inquisitive sometimes, such behaviours can be easily prevented with the proper training. You can find more information in our breeds here.

    To take care of Labradors you should bear in mind that these dogs have good appetite and might suffer easily from obesity. You shouldn’t be surprised if your dog seems to be hungry all the time. The best thing is to apply a proper diet and, of course, daily exercise. We strongly recommend you contact your vet to ask about the convenient food for your furry friend.

    Di you know that Labrador dogs are loving pets and are great with children?. They adore playing and spending time with people.

    As many other breeds, a Labrador is a territorial dog (especially females) and might bark at anything on the street, pavement, etc. However, they do not tend to be noisy. These dogs have a great sense of smell so it might be good to let your Lab sniff things so he keeps himself busy and develops all his senses.

    To keep your dog happy you should reward him with his favourite kibble brand every time he finishes a food bag. Never say no to cuddle your Labrador as these dogs just need it. 

    Labradors also like toys and they enjoy eating peanut butter, meat and cheese. Watch out as this is an easy way to gain weight!.


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