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    How to Teach a Dog New Tricks | Dogs and Puppies

    Articledog training guidesThursday 07 April 2011

    When you are dog training it is a good idea to teach a dog new tricks. Teaching a dog new tricks will keep your dog stimulated, and life for both of you will be easier. To get tips on how to teach a dog new tricks, read the following advice.


    For your dog training sessions you should have some treats ready, ones that you know he will like.


    Teaching a dog to sit is probably the most important trick for him to know. Start by giving a command. Say "sit" firmly, and repeat. As you say the word push his bottom downwards, so that he associates this word with the action of sitting.

    He will soon come to realise you want him to sit if you repeat this technique. When he successfully sits, give the dog a treat. This shows him he has done a good job by listening to you.


    Another trick to incorporate into your dog training is to "get" someone. By commanding a small dog and pointing towards a person, you can get him to growl in a playful way to someone in particular.


    To teach a dog new tricks requires patience and but the key is to make sure that certain words are associated with the actions you want.

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