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    How to Teach a Dog to Sit

    Articledog training guidesThursday 07 April 2011

    One of the first and most important parts of dog training is to teach a dog to sit. This isn’t always an easy but can be done within a few hours. When you train a dog to sit, it not only makes the dog easier to control but it also strengthens the bond between dog and owner. Dog training lets the dog know who is in charge. This article outlines how to teach a dog to sit.

    Dog Training

    • First of all, you need go about the dog training in an area that is free from distractions and do so with just you and the dog. When you teach a dog to sit, it needs to focus on you, so doing it somewhere free from noises, activity and smells will make it much more beneficial.

    • One of the most important things when you train a dog to sit is to have treats ready. Let the dog try one of the treats beforehand so that he knows what you have in your hand thus making the dog training easier.

    • Once the dog knows what you have in your hand, let them stand there until they grow tired and eventually sit in front of you. As soon as they do, repeat the word sit many times in an assertive but none aggressive way. This method of dog training ensures they associate the action with the command. Give them a treat and some attention. Eventually they realise that if they follow your commands, they get a reward.

    • The next part of the process to train a dog to sit is simply to repeat the previous step. Every time they do as you say, reward them and you will notice positive gains after a surprisingly short time.

    • The dog training should progress well from here and the dog will realise that every time they make you happy, they get what they want. The more you reinforce this point, the more the animal will try to please you.

    • Once you have achieved this, you can move the dog training on to playing dead and shaking hands. Although you should be assertive with a dog, don’t be overly aggressive and allow the dog to understand the dog training in his own time.
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