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    How to train a boxer dog?

    Articledog training guidesTuesday 30 August 2011

    Boxers are very active and intelligent animals so training a boxer dog does not result complicated. However, the training of your boxer should start as soon as you bring it home as a puppy. Although training boxers requires good breed knowledge and consistency, this article might help you pick up some basic know-how about how to convert your boxer into obedient and loving dog and how to prevent the unwanted behaviour. 

    The best thing would be to start training your boxer as soon as you bring it home as a puppy. However, even if you decide to adopt an older dog, it might be trained not to cause you troubles. The most important is to start doing it as soon as it comes home. You should start with basic commands: sit, come, stay, quiet etc. Boxers also tend to jump up on people so it would be great to include it into training sessions. Try a clicker training and reward your puppy with a treat each time it does well!

    When walking your boxer out, you should get it walk to heel. Remember that the Boxers are a strong breed and if not trained well, they can start pushing when on leash and make a pleasure walking into a nightmare (click here to learn how to learn your dog not to pull on leash) . Remember not to overtrain your Boxer. It’s just a dog and it needs some breaks and fun. What is more, as such an active and intelligent animal it might get distracted quite often so you should plan your Boxers training sessions well.

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