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    How to Train a Difficult Puppy

    Articledog training guidesThursday 06 March 2014

    Training a puppy can be difficult at the best of times but training a difficult puppy can be incredibly frustrating. Puppies instinctively look for a pack leader to follow and you must make sure that leader is you.

    If your puppy is difficult and strong willed then it is even more important to assert yourself as the leader in the home. Any puppy can be trained it is just a fact that some take longer than others to tame. This article should help you out with some tips on how to train a puppy.


    Training a Puppy – Instructions

    • The most important part of training a puppy is asserting yourself as the leader of the pack. There are a few ways in which you can do this such as always walking through doors first and handling your puppies food to give it your scent.

    • It is important for you to take your puppy out on walks especially if you are training a difficult puppy because it is an outlet for all of your puppy’s energy. A puppy that gets the correct amount of exercise is usually much more cooperative than a puppy with lots of unspent energy. Your positioning during the walks is particularly important, if your dog walks next to you it shows that you are in control. You should never let your dog walk in front of you as this makes him think he is the one walking you.

    • Training a difficult puppy can be hard as he will constantly try to assert his own way of doing things. You must be consistent in your training techniques so that it shows him you will not give in. if you let your puppy in charge it will only lead to more dominant behaviour. Continue trying to train a puppy your way and when he follows your instructions remember to praise and reward him for his cooperation.

    • Make your puppy work for a treat; never reward a puppy for bad behaviour. Before you give your puppy anything of value to him you should ask him to do something for you first. Have your puppy wait for you to give him permission to eat his food, all of these things contribute to a puppy that is respectful and obeys what you ask of him before he gets what he wants.

    • If you are training a difficult puppy to walk then you might need to use a gentle leader. This collar is used around the dog’s mouth and when he pulls it will push his head down putting him into a submissive position. Overtime you should gain control over the puppy and be able to walk him in an ordinary collar.

    • If you are trying to prevent bad behaviour then there is a good way of doing this. If you place your puppy on his back and say no then it puts your dog in a submissive position. If your puppy is strong willed he will try to wriggle out of this position so make sure you gently hold him there until he stops. Never hit or punish a puppy for misbehaving this will only lead to fearful aggression.




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