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    How to Train a Dog to Sit | Dogs and Puppies

    Articledog training guidesThursday 07 April 2011

    For most dog owners, training a dog to sit is the first skill that comes to mind in the early stages of training a puppy.

    Although many assume getting a puppy to sit is an easy task, without a lot of practice and patience, it can prove a challenging first hurdle to overcome. 


    Getting a Dog to Sit

    • Try and teach your dog to sit in a place where there are no distractions – a peaceful environment where he won’t get distracted by nearby temptations. It’s always best to start training the dog in the house, as this is the place where it will spend the most time – and cause the most problems - in the early months.

    • Once the dog has your full attention, attempt to introduce the ‘sit’ command. Of course, this is where a little tolerance is needed, so don’t expect your puppy to respond straight away.

    • Your gestures will be all important in influencing the dog to follow your command. Sometimes it’s the subtle movements that have the most significant impact when you train your dog to sit. With a soft touch, direct your dog’s bottom towards the floor, while at the same time repeating the word ‘sit’. As soon as your puppy touches the floor, feel free to offer up a treat and some tender affection. This might seem generous the first few times, but it’ll quickly help the puppy to associate the action with positive reward.

    • Practice, practice, practice is the only thing that will lead to your puppy learning to sit instinctively. When the puppy is in the early process of learning, try and initiate a sitting exercise every couple of hours. After about two weeks, it should begin to react to the command without need for any intervention – how you ration your treats from then on is down to personal choice.

    • Once you’re fully confident that the dog is fully aware of the ‘sit’ instruction, test it out in unfamiliar areas away from the home, such as the park or when out walking. Only through doing this will you really get an idea of how obedient your dog is with this important command. Now you’ve mastered the art of teaching your dog to sit, you can introduce more complex instructions.
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