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    How to train a Pomeranian puppy

    Articledog training guidesMonday 10 February 2014

    If you are looking for a small and clam dog, this breed is definitely not what you want. Pomeranians are a very intelligent breed and also quite active dogs. They are playful and an affectionate companion.

    They love to please their owners so training Pomeranians is not usually a difficult task, especially while they are still puppies. Although they are indoor pets, they must have their daily walks and some physical activity to get rid of the overloaded energy. Probably that’s the reason why they enjoy games and pick up tricks so easily.

    Pomeranians are a loyal and affectionate dog, although their temperament and behaviour might be determined in a big part by where you get your puppy from. Remember to always buy dogs from a respected and reputable puppy breeder in order to avoid behavioural problems. Pomeranians might be a little snappy towards other dogs so you should start to socialise them while they are still puppies to all types of dogs. Pomeranians form close bonds with humans although they might not be suitable for little children. 

    High intelligence and enthusiasm of Pomeranians make them quick learners and ever willing participants in different games and dog sports. However, as this dog breed tends to be stubborn and wilful, there are a few boundaries that should be established and some clear guidelines for your dog to follow. An obedience training of your Pomeranian will help you to make it behave better and adopt good habits. Your puppy must know that you are the boss without you showing it any violence.

    Apart from the obedience training, you should also provide your puppy with house training. This might result a more ambitious task as their bladders are smaller and have to be walked out more often than big dogs. Crate training might be a good solution in this case. 

    As Pomeranians are dynamic pets, you should also learn how to train the dog to behave properly and not to pull when on leash. You can read a separate article on this topic in the links provided below these lines

    Finally, you must know that Pomeranians also love to bark so it might become a serious problem if they are not trained properly. However, if that’s the case, click here to learn more on how to stop your dog from barking


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