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    How to Train a Puppy | Dogs and Puppies

    Articledog training guidesThursday 07 April 2011

    The biggest and most important part of training a puppy is to start early. The day you get your puppy is the day you begin training. Positive reinforcement is the way to train a puppy; every time you see behaviour you want you should reward him. You should introduce your puppy to as many people, dogs and environments as you can. The more sights and sounds your puppy experiences as a puppy the better, it will make him into a much more secure adult dog.

    You need to make your puppy realise that you are the pack leader by introducing some basic ground rules. You will need to house train your puppy as well as teach basic commands. There are four things that make up a dog’s life, playing, eating, social contact and sleeping. In all of these things you must communicate to your puppy that you are in charge. Here are a few simple tips on showing your puppy who is boss:

    • If you play a game make sure you always win.
    • Make your dog sit and stay before giving him food.
    • Train your puppy that the bed, chairs and sofas are yours by teaching him the ‘off’ command.

    Potty Training Puppies

    • It is a good idea to watch the way your puppy behaves outdoors when urinating. This way you stand a better chance of noticing the signs indoors and you can carry him outside before there are any accidents.


    • If the weather is nice then stay outdoors as much as possible, your dog will then prefer urinating outside. When house training puppies if you make them like surfaces like dirt and gravel by taking them outside every quarter of an hour or so then there should be less urinating on your carpets.


    • When it is time take your puppy outside to a designated area and do not leave until it goes.


    • By tucking your puppy into a cosy and small dog bed at night you immediately reduce the risks of the puppy urinating while you are asleep. Dogs are den animals and do not like peeing where they sleep.


    • If your puppy gets restless during the night then take him outside and wait until he relieves himself; this is a very important when you potty train a puppy.


    • If your puppy gets restless every couple of hours throughout the night and you do not want to keep getting up and going outside then the best thing is to supply a litter tray and make the puppy urinate inside it.


    • Carry the puppy outside in the morning so he won’t soil the floors.


    • The key to house training puppies is to be consistent. If you continue to repeat taking the puppy outside to urinate he will soon get the message.


    • Every time your puppy relieves itself successfully outside you should reward him with lots of love cuddles and a treat.


    • If you have problems potty training your puppy then consult a pet behaviourist.


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