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    How To Train Cockapoo Puppies For Sale

    Articledog training guidesSunday 07 April 2013

    Cockapoo puppies are excellent pets that often carry desirable traits of both their parent breeds.

    Poodles have low shedding coats and high intelligence while cocker spaniels have famously loving temperaments and high energy levels.

    Cockapoos love human companionship and contact but like all dogs, cockapoo puppies need training early to ensure they are well behaved.

    To find out how to train cockapoo puppies, keep reading.

    Training Cockapoos 

    • You need to begin training cockapoo puppies as soon as they get home and the way you start is very innocuous. Simply touch the dog all over his body (especially the ears, feet and head) on regular occasions so that he becomes used to it and therefore grooming. 

    • Dog crates are essential for cockapoos when you are not able to supervise him. Cockapoo puppies are not only small but are intelligent so it is very easy for them to get into mischief. Dogs do not like to defecate where they sleep so it will also help in housetraining your cockapoo. For this to be effective, the dog crate needs to be fairly small. 

    • Cockapoo puppies will have a natural teething instinct that needs to be rectified while they are young. Every time the cockapoo even nibbles at your hand make sure you yell ‘ouch’ or something similar. The cockapoo puppies will soon realise they are misbehaving. 

    • Small dogs can injure themselves when jumping on and off of furniture so you either need to make sure the cockapoo puppies know they are not allowed on the furniture or provide them with safe access. If you want to train the cockapoo not to get on the furniture, make sure you take him off and say ‘no’ every time he gets up. 

    • Socialisation is very important for all puppies and cockapoo puppies are no different. Make sure you introduce the cockapoos to as many different situations as you can that include other people and animals. The younger you do this the better (just make sure he has received his vaccinations). 

    • If you feel that you want to own a cockapoo, you can search for cockapoo puppies for sale here on Dogs and Puppies. Alternatively, if you have cockapoos for sale you can sell puppies for free here on Dogs and Puppies.

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