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    How To Train German Shepherds

    Articledog training guidesThursday 04 July 2013

    German Shepherd puppies make fantastic family pets but it is very important that they are correctly trained because they are naturally quite dominant and need to be taught their place within the pack.

    German Shepherds are very clever dogs and need to be kept physically and mentally active. There are a number of key areas in which training your puppy differs from other dogs.

    For more advice regarding training German Shepherds, read on.

    Training a German Shepherd

    • German Shepherd puppies will naturally try and better their position within the pack so for a family, it is important that their dog see all humans as above them in the hierarchy. The best way to train German Shepherds is to be consistent; reward them when they do what you want and correct them when they don't. 
    • German Shepherds are very clever and independent dogs who respond much better to positive reinforcement rather than harsh punishment. Consistency is the key to successful training; this breed has an instinctive nature to please but will get confused if the rules change. It is also a very good idea to undertake your dog training in an area that is free from distractions to begin with. 
    • A German Shepherd should be trained from quite a young age and the first thing you need to teach him should be house training and basic obedience such as not to jump up or bite. Proper lead training is also important for German Shepards because they will get very strong as they get bigger. 
    • There are several ways to establish yourself and your family as the pack leader and one of the best is to ensure that you feed your dog after you have eaten and to always go through doors before your dog. 
    • As said, German Shepherds are naturally dominant dogs that will try and push the boundaries to advance themselves within the pack. German shepherds are more prone to this by ignoring commands he knows and by generally misbehaving. Again, consistent training will help to work through this. 
    • Attending puppy training classes with your German Shepherd will not only teach you good training methods but it will also be excellent socialisation for your companion with other people and dogs. 
    • The phrase 'can't teach an old dog new tricks' is not true, even more so with German Shepherds as they are very intelligent and will continue to respond to training all throughout their lives. Remember, you can search for German Shepherd puppies for sale here on DogsandPuppies.


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