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    How To Train Labrador Puppies

    Articledog training guidesThursday 07 April 2011

    Labrador puppies are renowned for their ability to learn things quickly and training Labradors can prove to be easier than other breeds of dogs. Labradors have been used in various roles for hundreds of years. Labradors were originally bred for retrieving shot game but have now been employed in a wide range of jobs including guide dogs, sniffer dogs and competition dogs. To find our more about training Labrador puppies for sale, read on.

    Training Labrador Puppies

    •    Labradors have an innate desire to please their masters and this makes them a lot easier to train. Playing to this aspect of Labrador puppies' nature is the key to successful training. Training should begin with Labrador puppies as soon as you bring them home as they will learn much better at this stage.

    •    When you are training Labrador puppies, you need to keep them interested and the best way to do this is to keep training sessions short with play time breaks in between. Labrador puppies are well known for their love of food and this is another excellent way of ensuring that the Labrador training goes smoothly.

    •    When you buy Labrador puppies for sale, the breeder should have already begun the house training process but this is one of the first things you need to teach. Positive reinforcement works best with Labrador puppies as they want to please you anyway so make sure you give them plenty of praise when they do something you want them to. Teaching Labrador puppies to retrieve a ball is one of the best games to play.

    •    Labradors are naturally very energetic all through their lives so you need to carry out proper lead training on Labrador puppies so that they don’t become a handful when they are much stronger. Labrador puppies take two or three years to reach mental maturity but only a year or so to become fully grown so training Labradors early is important.

    •    Labrador puppies love human companionship and can easily be put off by excessive negative attention so make sure that you are always positive and introduce ‘no’ commands at a steady rate as it is still important for Labrador puppies to learn this.

    •    If you feel you are ready and capable of taking on a Labrador, you can search for Labrador puppies for sale here on Dogs and Puppies and they turn into excellent family pets. For more advice about Labradors, read our Labrador puppies breed guide.

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