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    How To Train Puppies For Sale

    Articledog training guidesThursday 07 April 2011

    When you buy puppies for sale it is vital that you devote a good amount of time in the early weeks and months to training. Dogs that have had good amounts of training will grow up to be much more balanced and well behaved. Puppy training can sometimes be frustrating but it is very important. To find out how to begin training once you have bought your pups for sale, keep reading. 

    Training Puppies For Sale 

    • One of the first things you should do is teach puppies not to bite. Biting is a natural part of puppy behaviour but puppies for sale need to be taught not to bite hard as human skin is soft. Every time pups for sale bite, remove your hand and firmly say ‘no’. 
    • Dogs growl when they feel threatened or frightened but you shouldn’t punish this behaviour as you may simply remove the growl (the warning). Instead, be aware of situations that your puppy finds threatening and try to avoid them. Unnecessary signs of aggression in puppies for sale need to be corrected however. 
    • At first the training sessions should be more like playtime so that puppies for sale learn to enjoy the process. Simple things such as saying ‘sit’ and then praising him for naturally sitting will do well. The key to successfully training dogs is to set boundaries and stick to them, the whole household needs to be aware of them; if a puppy is not allowed on the sofa, he should never be allowed on there. 
    • Puppies need to have toys to keep them entertained and to stop them taking your things. You should have a mixture of toys that they can play with on their own and those that require you. Keep your items out of the way and if a puppy does get hold of them, do not get excited or chase him is this turns it into a great game. 
    • You should never take food from a puppy but you need to make sure he is comfortable having people around his food. Hand feeding him and making a fuss will ensure he sees humans and food as a good thing. Some dogs will be protective of their food however, no matter you do. 
    • House training puppies is vitally important and the use of a puppy crate will be very helpful. You need to be patient when you are house training puppies for sale as they may take a long time to learn. You will find that our guide to House Training Puppies will be very helpful. 

    For more information about training puppies for sale, you can read more of our Puppy Training Guides. You can also search for a wide range of dogs for sale here on Dogs and Puppies.

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