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    How to train your dog to fetch?

    Articledog training guidesThursday 25 August 2011

    Playing with your pooch can be one of the greatest things you do with it and it is a great way to spend time with your dog. However, many times it happens that it is simply impossible to ‘play’ with your dog as it seems not to understand you and your training methods result useless. Training your dog to fetch might be a nightmare if you have certain types of dogs. For example, Labrador retriever will love to chase things and bring them back and get learn that really fast, however, if you own a terrier, it might instinctively burrow. Always bear in mind that each of the dog breeds is different.

    There are three main steps to train your dog to fetch: go out, bring back, and give up. Simply, isn’t it? However, each of the steps should be individually showed to your dog. First of all, you should show your dog the prize it has to bring back, line up several toys and treats however make the dog stay focused on the game. Throw a toy away from you only few meters and point to it so your dog goes and brings it to you. If your pooch ignores you (do not worry – it happens quite a long at the beginning), try to ‘get’ its prize, pretend to eat some of your dog’s treat etc. Once your dog catches the toy or ball, try to say ‘bring’ to it. Remember to always praise your dog if it does well.

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