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    Labrador Puppies - Taking Your Puppy to Classes

    Articledog training guidesWednesday 18 May 2011

    Labrador puppies require plenty of training from an early age in order to get them used to how they are expected to behave. In addition to your own training, it may be necessary to take your dog to puppy classes. A puppy class can be effective in teaching the young dog how to interact with other dogs and people. See the following guide if you are considering Labrador puppies for sale for information on puppy classes.


    There are a few different types of puppy class that you could take your Labrador puppies along to, all with different purposes and aims. These include:


    Puppy Classes

    The goal of this sort of lesson is to introduce your puppy to other dogs and to learn some basic training. There will normally be about 2 or 3 other puppies in this session with an age limit of 20 weeks.



    This is usually the next step up for young dogs, including Labrador puppies.



    These are slightly different in that they vary in what they teach. Some could be for agility, whilst others are more general.



    If you bought Labrador puppies for sale and one of them is more troublesome than the others, then these sorts of puppy classes will be ideal. One-on-one teaching means the dog can be trained without distraction.

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