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    Puppies For Sale: Crate Train Your Puppy

    Articledog training guidesWednesday 18 May 2011

    There are several reasons to undertake crate training with your puppy such as housebreaking, safety or as an aspect of overall puppy training. Training puppies with a crate gives them somewhere safe to call their own and ensures correct crate training will ensure that the dog sees it this way too. Read on to find out about correct crate training.



    Training Puppies Using Crate Training


    • The first thing you need to do is to find the correct crate to use for the crate training. You can search for dog crates for sale on Dogs and Puppies. For the puppy training, use a dog crate that is large enough for the adult dog and partition it when training puppies. Place the dog crate somewhere in the house that gets used often such as the kitchen or the living room.


    • You have to make the crate appealing for the puppy during crate training so make sure you choose the right bedding. Remember that during the puppy training, the dog is likely to chew a dog bed to shreds so don’t use one that is too soft. When training particularly destructive puppies, consider using no bedding at all until the puppy is older. 


    • You will need to use toys during the crate training as these will keep the puppy busy when he is alone. Make sure the dog toys can’t be destroyed and small bits swallowed. You can search for rubber dog toys for sale on Dogs and Puppies and these are ideal for training puppies.


    • You must decide whether you want to keep food and water in the crate when training puppies. When the puppy is alone, he needs access to water at all times but if the puppy is yet to be housebroken, it makes sense not to keep dog food in there.


    • When going about puppy training, only keep the puppy in there for short periods of time at first and make sure you reward him when he does what you say during the crate training. Conducting the crate training in a room where the family spend time will make the whole puppy training process easier.


    • When crate training, make sure that you keep it in the same place so that the puppy doesn’t get confused. If you make sure that the dog crate becomes somewhere that the puppy likes to be, he will spend time in there anyway.
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