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    Puppies for Sale: How To House Train Your Puppy

    Articledog training guidesThursday 07 April 2011

    Buying puppies for sale is an exciting time and it is natural that for the first few weeks all you want to do is play with and spend time with your new puppy. This however is the best time for puppy training and play/rewards actually forms the basis of how to train a puppy. House training puppies may take some time but it is essential for obvious reasons. To find out more about how to train a puppy, read on.


    How To Train a Puppy


    • The first thing you need to do before even properly starting the puppy training is to decide on the command you will use and where you want the puppy to relieve himself. Consistency is the key when training puppies so once you have decided these, stick to them.


    • As soon as you bring the puppies for sale home, try taking them into you back garden (on a lead) and wait with him until he goes to the toilet and as soon as he does, make sure you heap lots of praise on him and use your command word you decided earlier.


    • To avoid accidents when training puppies keep an eye open for the tell tale signs such as circling, squatting or whining. If you see these during puppy training, take the puppy outside as quickly as possible and heap plenty of praise when he does go to the toilet.


    • When learning how to train a puppy, you need to know that positive reinforcement is much better than punishment. If you are over harsh during puppy training then the puppy will simply be scared of you and not go when you are around.


    • When training puppies for sale, accept that accidents are going to happen. Do not even consider rubbing the puppy’s nose in the mess as this is not only counter productive but also extremely cruel. If you catch the puppy in the act, take him outside and praise him when he is finished. This is probably the best thing that could happen because it shows him what not to do.


    • During the puppy training, you need to clear up any accidents quickly and thoroughly. Do not use cleaners that contain ammonia as this smells like dog urine and may encourage the puppy to use that spot again. Remember that consistency is the key when training puppies, it will take time but the puppy will eventually learn.
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