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    Stamina Training for Dogs | Dogs and Puppies

    Articledog training guidesWednesday 18 May 2011
    When training a dog it can be a good idea to build up his stamina. Dog stamina training is beneficial for a dog’s mental and physical state. Dog training in this way keeps a dog in good shape and could improve his abilities to fulfil your requests. For advice on dog stamina training, see the following tips.

    Training a Dog

    You will first need to decide what you are specifically training a dog to do. There will be certain dog training needs and methods depending on the purpose. There are different types of canine athletes:
    • Agility dogs
    • Field trial and hunting dogs
    • Frisbee dogs
    • Herding or livestock dogs
    • Running companion
    • Search and rescue dogs
    • Sled dogs

    To decide what sort of dog stamina training is best for your dog, you need to play to your dog breed’s strengths. Certain breeds will be more suited to particular disciplines. Dog breeds that have small and flat noses tend not to be very good for aerobic exercise as their breathing will not be able to cope. Over training a dog like this could be harmful to the animal. If you are unsure, check with your vet.


    Before you can begin intense dog training, your dog will need to know all basic methods and requests. This includes:
    • House training
    • Good lead behaviour
    • Good social skills
    • Obedience to commands

    Basic aerobic exercise would be a good way to start dog stamina training. You could begin with playing fetch and daily runs. Strength training using equipment such as exercise balls is beneficial to a dog’s fitness, just as it is with humans. For advice on this kind of dog training, you could consult your vet or breeder for some information specifically for your dog breed.

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