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    Stop a Barking Dog

    Articledog training guidesWednesday 18 May 2011

    A dog that barks constantly can drive even the most patient of dog owners insane. It’s a trait that can be hard to eradicate without training, but as long as you’re prepared to put the work in and focus on good dog obedience, with time this type of dog behaviour can be curbed. Learn how in this guide.



    Tips on How to Stop a Dog Barking

    1.    Get inside the mind of your dog. Remember, barking is rarely irrational behaviour. There will be a reason behind the dog’s behaviour, so try and find the answers. Read up on the breed type of your particular dog; this can often be helpful in determining whether this is an individual character trait or behaviour that’s common of the breed.

    2.    However, if the problem seems to be individual, it’s essential to examine every possible reason for the barking. In some dogs, barking can be a territorial trait – hunting dogs are particularly renowned for taking on the role of a guard dog, suspicious of any unknown individuals or animals that may pass by the family home. It can also be a sign of loyalty – a dog may start barking within minutes of you leaving the house as he begins to pine for your return. This can become extremely irritating for neighbours, particularly if you’re oblivious to the behaviour while you’re out and about.

    3.    If the dog is continually distracted by passers-by, try and obstruct the dog’s view of the window. Obstructing the dog’s view of the outside world can considerably reduce the extent of the barking. The activity outside the window can often provide the dog’s sole focus during the day – so try and introduce distractions around the house, whether you leave a large bone on the floor to keep him occupied or scatter a couple of dog toys from room to room. Taking the dog for a long walk in the mornings and evenings can also help calm him during the daytime where barking will be most prevalent.

    4.    Finally, shock tactics can often have a beneficial effect, provided of course, you do not inflict any actual cruelty on the dog. Some dogs may dislike water on the face, so every time the dog begins to bark, squirt a little water on the dog’s face and say ‘No’. The dog will quickly begin to realise the potential consequences of his actions should he bark, so while it’s not a method that will necessarily appeal to everyone, it can be effective way to stop a barking dog.

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