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    Stop Barking Dogs

    Articledog training guidesWednesday 18 May 2011

    If you have a dog you will know that the worst issue is when you have a dog that won’t stop barking. Trying to stop a dog barking at anything and everything can be stressful and try your patience. Chronic barking is often associated with small dog breeds but in actual fact large breeds can be just as difficult to stop barking. If you are finding it hard to stop a barking dog then this article should advise you on what you could do to improve the situation. 

    Stop Dog Barking

    Before you try to stop dog barking you should try to understand why dogs bark in the first place. Puppies and dogs bark to attract attention, notify owners of a stranger or to defend themselves and their property. It is to be expected that a dog will bark when there is a knock at the door but the problems start when you ask your dog to stop barking and it won’t. Some chronic barkers will not stop barking even if they have left the room or been let outside. Barking problems can begin because they received attention for barking in the past. You must remember that all attention is good attention for dogs; even if you are annoyed. A dog will learn quickly that it can get attention from barking if you get cross. Once you have developed this pattern it makes it much harder to stop barking dogs. 

    Top Tips to Stop a Barking Dog

    • Praise and spend time with the dog when it is quiet and not begging for attention. 


    • Praise the dog when it barks at a stranger but then say “stop” or “enough” and give the dog a toy to distract him. 


    • Never shout at a dog or hit him to stop him from barking. If you raise the anxiety level of the dog further then the barking will only increase. 

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